2009 Masters Couture

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Emile Escarpit Pargade, of Madrid, Spain, is a native French woman who wore a sporty and traditional blend of skinny jeans and a shiny pea coat to the course. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Keigo Amemiya, from Japan, wore a J. Crew sweater and bought green pants for his second visit to the tournament for a Japanese newspaper. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Jodie Goldman, of Conyers, picked up her fashionable belted jacket at Nordstrom. More for personal style than specific designers, she usually coordinates colors when putting together an outfit. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Kellie Crago, of Pittsburgh, Pa., wore a bright pink Miss Sixty jacket with a green cable knit sweater and gauzy Aeropostale scarf. She picked out her outfit for a spring look that's classic but chic. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Lynn Lewis, of St. Simons Island, found her own green jacket at Saks in Hilton Head, S.C., last year. Her yellow shirt is borrowed from her sister, and she also added colorful jewelry to complete her look. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Sunny Khera, of Atlanta, wore an H&M jacket with skinny jeans, which she rolled up with her sneakers for a sportier look. "If it rains, it's better to have capris," she said. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Jessica Childs, of Athens, wears a lot of dresses, so a green seersucker dress was her choice for watching Monday's practice round. She found her dress at Belk in Milledgeville. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Helen Dickinson, from near Lake Martin, Ala., paired patterned capris and a white dress shirt with a unique statement necklace. She credits her husband for picking out the outfit last minute, because of the weather. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Jennifer Bingham, from Atlanta, dressed warm with style, adding an Ed Hardy scarf and chunky David Yurman bracelet to a quilted jacket and 7 For All Mankind jeans. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Megan Abbott, of Knoxville, Tenn., changed her plan when the weather turned cold. She decided to still wear the dress, but layer it with jeans. She also added a cropped BCBG sweater. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Whitney Wise, of Augusta, paired a sporty North Face jacket with plaid pants. The pants, she said, are perfect for golf. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Munny Khera, of Atlanta, wore a Banana Republic belted trench over a ruffled edge button-up shirt, with skinny jeans and Cole Haan flat boots. (Photo by Kim Luciani / Spotted)
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Jugnu Khera, of Atlanta, wore a white belted Armani Exchange skirt with a black long-sleeve shirt, sweater, black tights and flats. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Katie Luckey, of Augusta, wore a blazer style cardigan from Ann Taylor with a patterned shirt she found at Stein Mart. She also wore flat Nine West boots. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Kristina Mize, of Augusta, usually wears dresses to the course. Despite the cool and windy weather, Monday was no exception. She layered her yellow dress with brown leggings and a jacket. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Lance Arrington, of Waynesboro, wore preppy pastels. "(I) figured I'd bust out some spring colors," he said. His pink pants are Polo Ralph Lauren. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Terri Armstrong, of Augusta, wore J. Crew pants reminiscent in color of the week's iconic azaleas. She added a raw silk green bow as a belt, also as a nod to the tournament. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Danielle Patrick, of Augusta, originally picked out her dress, from Know Style in the Augusta Mall, for spring break. It fits her style, which is a lot of color, and vibrant personality, she said. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Amy Marien, of Augusta, wore a BB Dakota dress on Monday. She said she wanted to wear a spring dress to the Augusta National Golf Club for the Masters. She layered an Old Navy cardigan over her dress. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Maggie Harvil, of Atlanta, dressed for walking and the weather in Rock & Republic denim, driving loafers and an Old Navy jacket. She defines her personal style as "sporty but chic." (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Denise Linder, of Augusta, dressed in the colors of the course. Her pants are by golf fashion favorite Lilly Pulitzer, and she layered with a white polo and sweater beneath her yellow jacket. Her style is bright colors and casual. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Betty McIntosh, of Atlanta, paired a flowing bohemian skirt she bought at a festival at Atlanta's Inman Park neighborhood with a leather jacket in a feminine cut. She says she enjoys the chance to dress up: "My work is very conservative, but I like to dress with a lively flair." (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Melinda Dansby, of Augusta, wore fashionable sailor pants in white linen, by INC. A tournament veteran, she bought the jacket two years ago. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Jake Vogelsang, of Atlanta, shielded his face from the sun with a straw fedora. The popularity of the hat experienced a resurgence last year. He bought his at Wal-Mart. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Sy Williams, of Ontario, Canada, emulated a look professional golfers have embraced: a funky belt buckle and a white belt, this one by J. Lindeberg. He says he follows the golf fashion of the professional golfers, particularly the European players. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Candi Williams, of Atlanta, paired an orange seersucker jacket with black shorts and golf shoes. The look fits her style, which she calls "classic with a punch of something interesting." (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Cason Maddison, of Raleigh, N.C., prepared for the weather with her white textured jacket, which she wore over a traditional golf look of classic Bermuda-length shorts and polo. Her animal print flats gave the look an extra punch of style. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Emily Franko-Tobin, of Charleston, S.C., tied her pink-trimmed hat and green jacket ensemble together with a multicolored scarf. She found her jacket at Old Navy. Her boots were a $10 thrift store find. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Mike Resch, from Philadelphia, Pa., mixed grey and black prints for a fashionable look. He said he likes argyle and pinstripes and prefers flat-front pant styles for golf attire. The golfer whose style he likes the most is Camilo Villegas. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Graeme Russell, of Edinburgh, Scotland, donned a kilt while watching the practice round Monday. He said since it was his first time at the Masters Tournament and he's Scottish, it would be rude not to wear his kilt. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Haley Rawlinson, of Greenville, S.C., wore a striped maxi dress from Old Navy with a denim jacket. She topped off her look with a pair of vintage aviators. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Kacie (left) and Kelsey Kelly, of Detroit, Mich., found their fashionable ensembles from budget stores Forever 21 and Target. Kacie layered a Rolling Stones fitted tee from Target under a cropped, belted jacket from Forever 21. Kelsey wore a butterfly print ruffled blouse under her sweater. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Dan Dreher, of Crystal Lake, Ill., wore his madras pants from J. Crew on Tuesday. They're about five years old, but he brings them out for Augusta and Easter exclusively. "Coming to Augusta, (where there's) a lot of tradition, have to wear the pants," he said. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Amy Sabbatini, wife of golfer Rory Sabbatini, looked stylish by the Par-3 course wearing a sundress and cardigan she bought at Target with Prada boots and a floppy black hat. "You can look good and be comfortable as well," she said. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Sharon Tomlinson, of Swainsboro, wore a shiny red jacket from Talbots to combat the cold and wind on Tuesday morning at the Augusta National Golf Club. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Casey Hester, of Augusta, wore a Banana Republic shirt and accessories with earrings from Forever 21 with small bird shape details. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Lovell Saunders, of Washington, D.C., usually wears a "casual, but stylish look," and Wednesday's Par-3 Contest was no exception. He mixed textures in his ensemble. He had layered a purple and gray v-neck sweater over the button-up shirt earlier in the day, but took off the layer as the temperatures rose. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Sommer Portwood, of Dallas, Texas, wore a cardigan, a plain t-shirt and flats for a comfortable, casual and stylish look at the Par-3 Contest. The cardigan is by Splendid. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Julie Crenshaw, wife of golfer Ben Crenshaw, wore a vintage bracelet, made with vintage blazer button details. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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From left, Julie Crenshaw (wife of golfer Ben Crenshaw), Punkie Kinnan, K.B. Fitzpatrick, Julie Sayers and Susan Kay, watched the Par-3 contest in style. Ms. Fitzpatrick and Mrs. Crenshaw are fond of vintage jewelry and have found pieces in nearby Aiken, S.C. Mrs. Crenshaw goes for a more contemporary styling. Ms. Fitzpatrick mixed high and low end with an Ann Taylor shirt and a Merona jacket from Target, which she had tailored for a perfect fit. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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James Boase, of England, wore a sweater and pants by River Island, which he bought in London. He decided to go for a "wackier" look than he usually wears for Wednesday's events at the Augusta National Golf Club. Mr. Boase golfs, but usually wears more traditional attire to the course. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Ian Randell, says he tends to wear neutral colors. At the Par-3 contest, he wore a black shirt -- which he got from work -- with black pants. His sunglasses are Tom Ford. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Kevin Alton, of Ringgold, wore a straw fedora from Burlington Coat Factory to the course. He wore the hat for a classic look that would give good shade from the sun. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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George Jr., George Sr. and John Belcher caught attention on the course with their matching ensembles. "None of us are bashful," George Sr. said. George Sr. and John, brothers, wore the outfit to the Masters three years ago. This year, George Sr.'s son, George, joined. "We had to buy him an outfit," George Sr. said. They wore the old school golf attire out of respect and love of the game, they said. The outfit is no stretch in style for John, who wears knickers everyday. He also wears red, white and blue everyday, though today he just wore patriotic sunglasses. "I love our country and the symbol of our country," he said. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Ashley Tylus, of Charleston, S.C., wore a preppy ensemble of J.Crew capri pants, a Banana Republic sweater and Sperry Docksiders to the course. She said it's an everyday outfit in her style -- there are a lot of capris in her wardrobe. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Nicole Bell, from Greenville, S.C., raided her mom's closet for a chic jacket in bright colors. Underneath the jacket, she wore a black and white striped shirt and black scarf for a French look. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Carrie McElreath, of Macon, wore J. Crew from head to foot at the course on Wednesday. The casual ensemble fits her usual style: "I like to dress comfortable," she said. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Bernice Dismuke, left, of Augusta, and Deloris Archie, of Graniteville, S.C., wore different patterns and textures in warm layers to the course Tuesday. Ms. Dismuke says animal prints, such as the leopard print under her jacket, are her style for everyday. Ms. Archie says she usually dresses more casual, but wanted to dress up for the course. She wore touches of houndstooth in her outfit. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Katie Myers, of North Augusta, S.C., added a splash of color to her outfit with a Banana Republic scarf. Her belted jacket is Gap and her sunglasses are by Ray Ban. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Katherine Blanton, of Birmingham, Ala., found her plaid peacoat at Forever 21. She picked the jacket for Tuesday because it has pockets and fits her casual and comfortable style. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Meghan Waites, of Fort Valley, went for a preppy and sporty look with J. Crew coral pants and a plaid Masters pullover. Her sunglasses are Kate Spade. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Lou Cunningham, of Wilmington, N.C., wore a yellow Burberry jacket and a Scala hat. "I'm a clothes horse, and I constantly change what going to be the style for the next season," she said. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Scott Baynham, of North Augusta, S.C., expressed his festive mood with Ralph Lauren pants with a cocktail shaker and martini motif. "I wear things a lot of people would think twice about wearing," he said. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Ali, left, and Andie Findlay, of Atlanta, expressed their style in scarves and capris. Ali wore J.Crew capris with a Juicy Couture jacket, and Andie found her capris at Gap and wore a North Face jacket. They worked their scarves into their outfits after learning about the cold weather. "We knew that would be the only thing seen," Andie said. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Angela O'Neill, of Charleston, S.C., wore Lilly Pulitzer skirt, shoes and top, under a Masters Tournament hoodie. "Lilly Pulitzer and the Masters go together," she said. She calls her pink wedges her "Masters shoes" -- she's worn them both times she's been to Augusta course. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Josh Points, of Raleigh, N.C., wore pink Ralph Lauren Rugby pants with a skull-and-crossbones motif. He wore a neutral gray sweater since the pants were a statement on their own, he said, and a navy shirt to match the pants thread color. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Tootie Atchley, of Knoxville, Tenn., wasn't expecting the cold weather, she said, but she mixed together what she had, resulting in a stylish spring look. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Pepa Rivero, left, and Tina Dorado, right, of Madrid, Spain, wore "Alvaro Quiros" on their sun hats to show support. Mrs. Rivero's husband, Pepin, is his trainer. Both of the women wore flattering jackets with a waist and stylized pants. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)
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Alan McMahon, of Marietta, wore the colors of the tournament with yellow Lands' End pants, a green Chaps shirt and a brown Polo Ralph Lauren jacket. "I just wanted to stand out," he said. (Photo by Sarah Day Owen/Staff)