2018 Drive, Chip & Putt Championship Qualifiers: Boys 14-15

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Ian Gilligan

NAME: Ian Gilligan AGE: 15 CITY: Reno, Nev. ABOUT IAN: “I found a huge box of golf balls in a closet at my home and they became my favorite toy,” he said. “My parents bought me a Snoopy club and took me to a range.” WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Sushi
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Brendan Valdes

NAME: Brendan Valdes AGE: 15 CITY: Orlando, Fla. ABOUT BRENDAN: He had attempted to qualify for every edition of the National Finals since the inaugural in 2014 and watched each year on television. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Steak, sautéed mushrooms, green beans, baked potatoes, and cheesecake
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Drew Wilson

NAME: Drew Wilson AGE: 14 CITY: Potts Camp, Miss. ABOUT DREW: He said that if it is not raining, he will play golf from daylight to dark in the summer and will play a lot in the winter as well. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Chicken strips and steak
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Jay Nimmo

NAME: Jay Nimmo AGE: 15 CITY: Benton, Ky. ABOUT JAY: He finished fourth in the Boys 12-13 age division in the 2016 National Finals. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Boneless wings, baby back ribs and strawberry cake
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Kaden Ford

NAME: Kaden Ford AGE: 15 CITY: Colorado Springs, Colo. ABOUT KADEN: His favorite memory of golf on television is watching Bubba Watson hit around the trees in the playoff at 10 on his way to winning the 2012 Masters. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Steak with mashed potatoes and fries
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Joshua Lavely

NAME: Joshua Lavely AGE: 14 CITY: Kewadin, Mich. ABOUT JOSHUA: He thinks Tiger Woods is the coolest golfer “because he went to Stanford” and his dream foursome would include Woods, Jason Day and LeBron James. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Crab legs, lobster and steak
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Corey Boerner

NAME: Corey Boerner AGE: 15 CITY: Bloomington, Minn. ABOUT COREY: His favorite male golfer is Rickie Fowler and he dressed up as Rickie for Halloween when he was 8 years old. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Large cheese pizza
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Luke DelGobbo

NAME: Luke DelGobbo AGE: 15 CITY: Fonthill, Ontario, Canada ABOUT LUKE: If he hits a bad drive on the opening hole he will always switch tees and for Drive, Chip and Putt, he used tees that he had saved from rounds in which he drove it well off the tee. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Steak, string beans, roasted potatoes, and Caesar salad
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Elkin Dondon Bumacod

NAME: Elkin Dondon Bumacod AGE: 15 CITY: Sylmar, Calif. ABOUT ELKIN: His favorite male golfer is Phil Mickelson because he was the first left-handed golfer he had ever seen and “I even dressed like him for most of my tournaments from 10-12 years old.” WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Ribeye steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus
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Jack Farkas

NAME: Jack Farkas AGE: 15 CITY: Ardmore, Pa. ABOUT JACK: He had difficulty gaining weight as a baby and for the first four years of his life had to work with therapists to learn how to talk, walk and chew properly. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Philly cheesesteaks