2018 Drive, Chip & Putt Championship Qualifiers: Girls 7-9

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Julie Waldo

NAME: Julie Waldo AGE: 9 CITY: Prattville, Ala. ABOUT JULIE: She is named for her late aunt who played collegiate golf at the University of Florida and played one year on the LPGA Tour. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Shrimp, chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, rice and “all the desserts you can fit on the table”
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Lily Zhang

NAME: Lily Zhang AGE: 9 CITY: Buffalo, N.Y. ABOUT LILY: Both of her parents are neurologists, and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Filet mignon
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Asterisk Talley

NAME: Asterisk Talley AGE: 9 CITY: Chowchilla, Calif. ABOUT ASTERISK: Her parents named her Asterisk because her name means “little star” in Greek and because the symbol denotes something that is special. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Steak and broccoli
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Jensi Krampel

NAME: Jensi Krampel AGE: 9 CITY: Naples, Fla. ABOUT JENSI: She enjoys art, shopping and cheering for the Ohio State Buckeyes and Pittsburgh Steelers in football. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Pasta
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Ella June Hannant

NAME: Ella June Hannant AGE: 8 CITY: Pikeville, N.C. ABOUT ELLA JUNE: She made a hole-in-one on Pinehurst’s short course The Cradle in December. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Barbecue ribs
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Aliisa Helminen

NAME: Aliisa Helminen AGE: 9 CITY: Menasha, Wis. ABOUT ALIISA: She was introduced to golf by her father Ryan and her grandfather Larry, who are both PGA of America professionals. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Steak, shrimp and cheesecake.
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Evyn Cannon

NAME: Evyn Cannon AGE: 8 CITY: Edmond, Okla. ABOUT EVYN: Outside of golf, she enjoys soccer, basketball, gymnastics and yoga. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Hamburgers and tacos in a bowl.
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Raylee Bosley

NAME: Raylee Bosley AGE: 9 CITY: Friendswood, Texas ABOUT RAYLEE: Regional qualifying took place on her grandmother’s birthday and her grandmother, who is battling brain cancer, was in attendance to cheer for her. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Pizza, spaghetti, strawberries and lots of desserts
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Anna Fang

NAME: Anna Fang AGE: 9 CITY: San Diego ABOUT ANNA: Her favorite memory of golf on television is watching replays of Jack Nicklaus winning the 1986 Masters. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Lobster and french fries
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Ellie Benson

NAME: Ellie Benson AGE: 9 CITY: Venetia, Pa. ABOUT ELLIE: When competing, she wears pink golf earrings for good luck. WOULD SERVE AT CHAMPIONS DINNER: Tacos, salad and vanilla cupcakes for dessert