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Posted April 13, 2013 12:04 pm

Patrons react to Woods, Guan rulings

Rulings involving Tiger Woods and Tianlang Guan have drawn much attention over the past couple days at the Masters Tournament.

The two-stroke penalty assessed to Woods following an improper drop at 15 on Friday created a buzz Saturday morning. The day began with questions as to whether he would be disqualified.

The Woods ruling brought out a range of opinions from Saturday patrons.

"If it was another golfer, I’m not sure it would have been the same ruling," said Steven Bellamy, attending his fifth Masters from Washington D.C. "I think if it was another golfer he could have been DQ’d. The rules have some flexibility, so I can understand how he was allowed to stay in."

"I think if it was anybody else it would have been a disqualification," said Tom Schifino, from Louisville, Ky. "He signed a card that was incorrect. He didn’t have the nerves to do what was right. I think if it was anybody else he would have been disqualified. It seems like they did (Guan's ruling) to the letter of the law, but with Tiger we have the flexibility to make the decision we want to make."

Others, like Bob Joyce, from New York, said he understood Woods' situation.

"Rules are rules," he said. "If anybody should know the rules, it’s Tiger. It’s one of those discrepancy deals. I would have probably done exactly the same thing he did. Being a professional like that, it’s unfortunate. Huge news. Especially when he’s on the leaderboard. That’s what makes it really tough."

"He makes comments saying he intentionally dropped it there, so it’s not like a lot of leeway in his statement," Bellamy said. "But at the same time, a lot of people are here are for him. It makes it a complicated issue. I understand from their vantage point. "

Many patrons understood Guan's pace-of-play ruling Friday, saying both sides handled it well.

"That young man is very mature," Joyce said. "I understand he said he understood the ruling and was OK with it. At 14 years old as an eighth grader, that’s pretty amazing to me. That young man has more class. It’s just amazing. I'm glad that he made the cut. I think it’s great for golf."