Concession price increases go unnoticed by Masters patrons

This year, the concession prices went up on some items. A few sandwiches – the barbecue, ham & cheese on rye and turkey & cheese on wheat – rose by 50 cents.

Some patrons who have been coming for years did not notice the higher prices and consider them insignificant compared to what they pay at other sporting events.

“The prices increased?” a surprised Don Trinitey, of Providence Forge, Va., said while chomping on a ham & cheese sandwich. “Try eating like this at a Braves game.”

Trinitey, who has been to three Masters Tournaments, said he had no idea the prices had changed.

From $50 tickets to an $85 polo shirt to a $3 sandwich, he said there is no way he could spend this little on a golf trip anywhere else.

“It’s kind of like walking back through history,” said Sue Bentley, also on her third trip to the tournament. “Like going back in time where things were affordable.”

Bentley, from Marietta, Ga., said she appreciated how every year there were a few changes, but nothing that would taint the experience as a whole.

“There is a feeling here like no other,” she said.

This year, the Masters also did away with the chicken breast and tuna sandwiches and added chicken and veggie wraps.

Augusta natives Caroline and Scott Caveney, who now live in Southlake, Texas, have been coming to the Masters for 30 years and did not notice the concession price increases.

“It’s so cheap. I always get an egg salad sandwich and a moon pie,” Caroline Caveney said.

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Sandwiches $1.50-$3

Chicken biscuit $1.50

Muffin $1

Soda $1.50

Water/iced tea $1.50

Domestic beer * $3

Imported beer * $3.75

Snacks $1

Fruit $1

Cookies $1

Ice cream $2

Coffee $1

* Beer not available on main course after 4 p.m.


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