Celebrating Clifford Roberts' birthday

Clifford Roberts was Masters chairman from the tournament's inception until 1976.

Happy birthday, Clifford Roberts.

The man who co-founded Augusta National and the Masters alongside Bobby Jones was born in 1894 in Morning Sun, Iowa.

He would go on to serve as Masters chairman from the tournament’s inception in 1934 until 1976, and he is credited with many of the innovations that set the event apart from all the rest.

Although Roberts was known for his gruff exterior, those close to him knew he had a soft side as well. And he had a sense of humor, as evidenced by the movies made by the club that would feature Roberts appearing to walk on water or wreaking havoc in a gorilla suit.

While helping the Masters become one of the most envied sporting events in the world, Roberts also found time to help Dwight D. Eisenhower become president of the United States. He was close friends with the former president and military hero, and he helped convince him to join Augusta National after World War II.

Roberts, who died in 1977, would no doubt marvel at the Masters and its spot in the sports world today. But there’s no question he also would try to make it better, striving for perfection along the way.