Patrons go to Augusta National's practice facility for golf tips

For patrons hoping to learn from pros at the Masters, the Augusta National practice green is ideal


For Masters Tournament patrons who want to improve their golf games, they say the course’s practice area is the place to be.

Brothers Bud, Garrett and Tucker Dillard sat in chairs near the putting green of Augusta National Golf Club’s practice facility on Tuesday.

“It is a great way to learn from the pros,” he said while watching Adam Scott putt with a long putter.

Dillard said he has never tried a long putter, but might do so when he gets back home.

“It seems like you don’t miss from short distances,” he said.

The Dillard family, from Fort Worth, Texas, has been coming to the Masters on and off since since 1999. For the last three years, since the new practice complex was completed, the family has spent at least one day parked just outside the ropes of the putting green.

“This is the best place to watch the pros get some solid practice,” he said. “Out on the course you don’t get to see enough golf. They hit and move on.”

Dillard also said it is easier to interact with the golfers since they are so close, although most of the time they get ignored.

“We try,” he said. “But they don’t usually respond.”

The youngest, Tucker, is left handed and said he saw his favorite lefty golfer Bubba Watson come through earlier Tuesday.

“I just sat quiet and watched,” said the 18-year-old. “You don’t want to bother them.”

Outside the ropes by the bunkers, four Justin Rose fans watched him practice.

“He looks happy,” Patrick McDonnell said.

McDonnell is a member at the same golf club as Rose back in England, and said he came to cheer him on. As Rose chipped a shot in the direction where they stood, McDonnell held out his beer cup.

“You missed mate,” he said.

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