Bloggers tell world 'what's really going on'

Sunday, April 09, 2006
By Dena Levitz
Staff Writer

There are hundreds of places to read about Masters Tournament action.

J.M. Sahr (left), of New Hampshire, and Dan Seamans, of Delaware, are at the Masters Tournament for the first time this week.

(Ross Taylor/Staff)

But few sources feature patrons' schedules of beer-chugging contests and question-and-answer sessions with local moms.

All this wackiness and more is the focus of a popular Web page and blog (short for Web log) created by Dan Seamans and J.M. Sahr, cousins who are at the Masters for the first time this week.

The thirtysomethings thought it would be fun to share their experience with others through photos, writings and video. Hence, was born.

And like the men's personalities, it is anything but stiff.

One of Sahr's recent postings talks about golfer Sergio Garcia smashing his driver onto the paved vehicle path Friday, something traditional media weren't talking about, his cousin said.

"We want to bring it down to what's really going on," Seamans said. "We're talking to old-timers who have been here for 30 or 40 years. We interviewed one of the forecaddies ... the undercurrent of what's real."

The tactic must be working; as of Saturday afternoon, their site had generated about 170,000 hits with 20,000 views between Friday night and Saturday morning alone.

Seamans and Sahr arrived in Augusta on Wednesday evening. Their time has been spent eating barbecue, checking out the local flavor and, of course, playing and watching golf.

All jokes and antics aside, the cousins said they are at Augusta National for a serious pursuit: to honor their grandfather Junior Anderson, a highly successful 1950s amateur golfer who died in 1988.

If all goes according to plan, Sahr said, they'll dig up some dirt from the course to put on his grave alongside dirt from the famed Old Course at St. Andrews.

"This trip is a tribute to him," Sahr said of his grandfather. "That's where we got our passion for golf from."

Both men practice their passion as often as they can. Sahr has been swinging the clubs since age 8. Seamans started in high school, so he tends to have the higher score.

"He usually wins," Seamans said. "OK, he always wins."

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