Weekley: Acclimation starts with caveman golf

Tuesday, April 08, 2008
By Boo Weekley

Boo Weekley, 34, has become one of the PGA Tour's most popular and refreshing players with his simple country charm, style and philosophy that don't fit the stereotype of professional golfers. After winning the Verizon Heritage at Hilton Head Island, S.C., the week after the 2007 Masters, he was the first player to receive an automatic invitation to Augusta National under the reinstated qualification for tour winners. The native of East Milton, Fla., will share his thoughts and experiences of his Masters debut with The Augusta Chronicle in a daily diary.

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Bubba Watson said that growing up, he admired U.S. Open winner Payne Stewart. Watson even wore homemade knickers.

(Jackie Ricciardi/Staff)

I got here Sunday. It's great. It's nice. It was cool to see them old (magnolia) trees. I just hit a few balls and chipped and putted. Took me about an hour to work my navigation system to get me to where I'm staying.

I just went by Bi-Lo last night and got me some ground beef and cheese and crackers and made me some little homemade tacos.

We'll probably go out some, but we like cooking at home ourself. We got a grill and cooked steaks last night at about 11:30 when all my buddies finally came in town and they were hungry. I know we'll cook some fish at least once or twice. Fix some spaghetti, stuff that's quick and easy and my son will like.

I saw Heath (Slocum) on the driving range Sunday, and we set a time. Then we ran into Brandt Snedeker and Michael Thompson, and we all decided to play together. I'd seen that Thompson played for Alabama because I get my Alabama updates, so I wanted to meet him. Got to play with him today. Good ball-striker.

Today was like chaos out there with everything going on. I think there were more people out here today than at the U.S. Open the first day. There were a lot of people out there. There were more people out there than there is in my whole hometown. I can tell you that right now. It's amazing. It really is.

We just walked around out there and hit it, just like we do at every other golf course.

Boo Weekley walks around the sixth green. Weekley says Augusta National's greens have a little slope to them.

(Annette M. Drowlette/Staff)

Seriously. It's like the first time you go into a new city: You just tour around and check it out. The greens are a little different. They got a little slope to them and kind of fast. I just play it as I see it. It's caveman golf. Hit it, find it and hit it again.

There are some pretty golf courses, but this is by far the greenest and the prettiest golf course I've set foot on. You see some monuments out there and stuff like that. I didn't look at none of them. I just saw them. It's very prestigious and everybody out here knows that. I know it. But it's something I've got to block out.

I couldn't tell you what three holes were Amen Corner, to tell you the truth. I took today as just like any other day. It's just a practice round and just another golf course, a new one to me. Just go and play and we'll figure the names of it out later.

I didn't know anything about skipping balls on No. 16 until Heath's caddie told me walking down 15. I cleared the water one time and it rolled back in. That's about right for a rookie.

I signed up to play with Heath in the Par-3 Contest. I heard about the Par-3 jinx from Joe Durant. Don't win.

Sooner or later somebody's going to win that Par-3 and then go on and win the tournament. It's going to happen. It might not happen this year, but sooner or later it will.

Heath Slocum drives from the No. 7 tee Monday. Slocum and Weekley plan to play the Par-3 Contest together.

(Annette M. Drowlette/Staff)

-- Scott Michaux