Brian Gay Diary: Back needs treatment; everything else is fine

Tuesday, April 06, 2010
By Brian Gay

Brian Gay, who lived in Louisville, Ga., from ages 3 to 7, is making his Masters Tournament debut this week. Gay, 38, qualified by winning two PGA Tour events in 2009 and finishing 13th on the season-ending money list. Gay, who is in his 13th year on the PGA Tour, will be sharing his thoughts on his experiences this week with The Augusta Chronicle in a diary.

Brian Gay watches his putt on 18 during Monday's practice round.

(Michael Holahan/Staff)

I got here pretty late in the morning on Monday and had some breakfast in the locker room. Then I went out to the range and hit a few balls. I was trying out a couple of new drivers on the range and wanted to see how they worked out.

I kind of tweaked my back a little on the range, so I took it easy the rest of the afternoon and went and got some therapy after I played the second nine with Todd Hamilton. I'll try to learn a little bit more about the second nine later in the week.

The course has been about the same for the last week. Probably with the heat and everything they haven't dried it out because it's so hot. We'll see what happens in the next couple of days with the course.

My family has loved it so far. They are having a great time. It's their first time out here, so they are really enjoying it.

I'm not really sure what happened to my back. I may have even had a rib pop out or something. I'll get some treatment and hopefully it will be OK. I plan to play at least nine holes (today). If I feel good, I might play them all. If I play them all, I may just take Wednesday off. I'm going to play the Par-3 tournament, so that may be all I do on Wednesday.