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Posted April 6, 2012, 2:58 pm
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Power walking Augusta National during Masters

Hitting the course with a fast-paced walk, trying to go tee to green on every hole, is hard to complete. Crowds create block and dead ends appear when tees and green abut. You have know the ropes, literally.

Taking a few liberties, on the Back Nine only, a walk starting near lunchtime on Day 2 of the 2012 Masters took just over 112 minutes.

Worth noting on the Power Tour:

1. Most slippery spot: Coming down the hill on No. 4.

2. Nice stretch: Along No. 5.

3. Most confusing part of the walk: Getting back on course after the green on No. 5.

4. Roads least traveled: Walk to No. 11 tee and left side of No. 10.

5. Longest bathroom line (on the walk at this time of day): Amen Corner

6. Great walking vistas: Along No. 11, looking as you walk from the trees and spying the green and No. 12 into view as you approach. Another: Coming over the hill on No. 2 viewing the greens and tees ahead.

7. Terrific static vista (no surprise): Eyeballing No. 13 green from No. 14 crosswalk.

8. Two-fisted challenge: Navigating beer-carrying people in the pass-thru from concession to Amen Corner.

9. Longest crosswalk waits (observed): No. 15.

10. Hardest uphill while walking fast: No. 18.

The music of moans and roars heard while in rare locations was a great distraction during this unusual lunchtime workout opportunity. I don't think I've seen that many golfers in an hour and a half in my life.