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Posted March 21, 2012, 12:00 am |

1934: Horton Smith wins first Masters Tournament

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    1934: Horton Smith wins first Masters Tournament
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    1934: Horton Smith wins first Masters Tournament
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    Bobby Jones tees off at the first Masters Tournament.
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    1934: Horton Smith wins first Masters Tournament
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    Front Page of The Augusta Chronicle after the 1934 Masters Tournament

Horton Smith played second fiddle to Bobby Jones when he won the first Augusta National Invitation Tournament in 1934. Two years later, when he won for the second time, he validated it on his way to a Hall of Fame career.

Smith was the last man to beat Jones before his Grand Slam campaign of 1930, winning a tournament in Savannah, Ga. Four years later, Jones took the spotlight as he opened his new course for a new event.

Smith held at least a share of the lead each day. On the final day, Smith came to the final three holes tied with Craig Wood. He birdied the 71st hole to edge Wood by a stroke.

Smith was a fan of the course and tournament from the start.

"There is nothing monotonous about that course, and it is one of the most beautiful I ever played," Smith said. "Each one of the holes presents something new."

Two years later, Smith won for the second time at Augusta National when he nipped Harry Cooper by one shot. Smith sank a long chip for birdie at the 14th hole in the final round en route to his victory.

As one of the leading players of the 1930s, Smith won 32 times in his career. But he will forever be known as the first Masters champion.

1934 Masters
1Horton Smith-470727072284$1,500
2Craig Wood-371746971285$800
3Billy Burke-272717073286$550
3Paul Runyan-274717071286$550
5Ed DudleyE74697174288$400
6MacDonald Smith+274707474292$175
7Will MacFarlane+374737074291$300
8Al Espinosa+475707572292$175
8Jimmy Hines+470747474292$175
8Harold McSpaden+477747269292$175
11Mortie Dutra+574757173293$100
11Al Waltrous+574747174293$100
13Walter Hagen+671767077294-
13Robert T. Jones, Jr.+676747272294-
13Denny Shute+673737672294-
16Leo Diegel+773727476295-
16R.S. Stonehouse+774707576295-
18Ky Laffoon+872797273296-
18Johnny Revolta+875727574296-
18W.J. Schwartz+875727178296-
21J. Golden+971757477297-
21Charles Yates+976727772297-
23John W. Dawson+1074737675298-
23Henry Picard+1071767576298-
25Henry Ciuci+1174737478299-
25T. Creavy+1174738072299-
25Victor Ghezzi+1177747474299-
28Bob Cruiskshank+1274748072300-
28Jim Foulis+1278747672300-
28Mike Turnesa+1275747774300-
31C. Lacey+1374738074301-
32J. Kinder+1577767476303-
33P. Perkins+1674767678304-
34George T. Dunlap Jr.+1876757877306-
34Joe Turnesa+1875757779306-
36Johnny Farrell+1977807872307-
36Joe Paletti+1973797580307-
38Errie Ball+2174757486309-
38Abe Espinosa+2176777581309-
38Gene Kunes+2180767875309-
38David Ogilvie Jr.+2179757778309-
42George Kerrigan+2384747677311-
42C. Ross Somerville+2382787477311-
44William P. Turnesa+2475788079312-
45Tom Kerrigan+2576788079313-
45Sam Parks Jr.+2579817974313-
45John Perelli+2579777978313-
48W.D. Fondren+2779797483315-
49Fred McLeod+2880817976316-
49G. Sargent+2880768278316-
51C.W. Hall+2979817780317-
51George Jacobus+2979807781317-
51Cyril Walker+2988858180334-
54Walter Emery+3177768284319-
54Sam Perry+3177818081319-
54Jimmy Vincent+3180807782319-
57Willie Dow+3281798080320-
58Jess Sweetser+3380828178321-
59C.T. Wilson+3480838079322-
60Bayard Mitchell+4484798485332-