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Posted April 12, 2015, 3:17 pm
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'Stand 12' drink stands alone as Masters creation

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    'Stand 12' drink stands alone as Masters creation
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    The Stand 12, sold at the No. 12 concession stand, is a mix of pink lemonade, sports drink and Sprite.

The Masters Tournament is known worldwide as a tradition unlike any other. Now, it has a creation unlike any other.

Perched on every counter in the concession stand behind the No. 12 tee box sits a drink that’s half pink, half blue, with a dab of fizz on top. It’s been coined Stand 12.

“It’s our invention,” said Jasmine Kilgore, who works at the concession stand. “Not only is it pretty like the Mas­ters, but it tastes good, too.”

Kilgore said the concoction came about when she put pink lemonade, blue sports drink and Sprite in a clear Mas­ters cup. The pink stayed on the bottom, the blue rose to the top and Stand 12 was born.

“I tell you what, our patrons love it,” said Alethea Freeman, who works alongside Kilgore. “It’s our most popular drink. It’s hard to explain exactly what it tastes like, but I promise you it’s good.”

Kell Hinson, 12, tasted the drink Sunday as he walked through the concession line.

“Oh my gosh,” he said. “It tastes just like a snow cone. I love it.”

The drink is sold only at the No. 12 stand, Kilgore said. When patrons buy one, stand employees tell them to spread the word.

“We want to make it famous,” Freeman said. “Hopefully by next year all the patrons will be placing an order.”