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Masters history lives through greenery

The property was an indigo plantation until 1857, when Belgian Baron Louis Mathieu Edouard Berckmans purchased the land. He and his son, Prosper Julius Alphonse, formed a partnership a year later to start a nursery.

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Amen Corner saw history the year it was named

Amen Corner was the site of key moments in Masters history even before Sports Illustrated golf writer Herbert Warren Wind gave Nos. 11, 12 and 13 their famous nickname in 1958.

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Reversal of fortune

The decision to flip the nines isn't widely known, but it could be the most important move in the course's history.

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Rae's Creek - History runs through it

Rae's Creek winds through the National at Amen Corner, the famous stretch of holes that is often instrumental in deciding the Masters winner. The creek flows in front of the 12th green and behind the 11th green. A tributary runs up the left side of the 13th fairway and in front of the greens.

The creek that becomes famous in the golf world every April has been an integral part of Augusta for centuries. Its story begins a few miles above Amen Corner, flows through the National and runs into the Savannah River.

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