No. 13 - Azalea

Par 5 510 yards

The classic risk-reward hole became more challenging with a new tee added in 2002. A slight draw is required to get into position for the second shot to the par-5, but a tributary of the creek catches shots that come up short.



Hole story


Significant changes since opening

  • Tee moved back 20-25 yards, 2002

About the plant

  • Flowering shrub - Hundreds of varieties (deciduous and evergreen); plant assortment to extend floral display from February to October 
  • Colors vary; tubular flowers with long stamens; evergreens are most colorful Spot it on the course 

Where and how the plant grows

  • Georgia's native azalea has yellow flowers. 
  • Size varies; can grow up to 8 feet high and 10 feet wide 
  • Filtered shade, morning sun 
  • Acidic, well-drained soil 
  • Low drought tolerance - Propagation by seed or cuttings 
  • Plant in fall; prune after blooming