No. 15 - Fire Thorn

Par 5 530 yards

Changes made in the last decade make reaching this par-5 hole in two shots a challenge, but plenty of birdies will be had. A pond guards the green in front, but those who lay up face a hard shot from a downhill lie.



Hole story


Significant changes since opening

  • Pond in front of green enlarged, 1961
  • Tee moved back 25-30 yards, 2006
  • Tee shifted about 20 yards to golfer's left, 2006

About the plant

  • Large, thorny evergreen shrub is a member of the rose family. 
  • Creamy white April blooms are small and plain but profuse. 
  • Yields thick clusters of orange berries in summer to early winter Spot it on the course. 

Where and how the plant grows

  • Grows fast; can reach 8 to 12 feet high 
  • Full sun 
  • Well-drained soil 
  • High drought tolerance 
  • Propagation by cuttings 
  • Plant in low-traffic area to avoid contact with thorns.