No. 4 Flowering Crabapple

Par 3 240 yards

This tough par-3 requires a long-iron shot to the green, which is guarded by a pair of bunkers.




Hole story

No. 4 once was named Palm. 

Significant changes since opening

  • Tee moved back 30-35 yards for 2006

About the plant

  • Deciduous, flowering tree 
  • Produces fragrant single and semidouble blooms from late March to early April - 3/4- to 1-inch flowers range from light pink to deep rose 
  • Colorful 1-inch apples in summer to fall  

Where and how the plant grows

  • Can grow 25 to 30 feet tall, depending on variety 
  • Very adaptable 
  • Full sun 
  • Well-drained soil 
  • Moderately drought tolerant 
  • Propagation by seed, cuttings or grafting 
  • Varieties produced from hybridizing