Masters patrons try to stay warm on chilly Friday

Atop the breezy No. 8 tee, Joey Foreman basked in his new Masters Tournament beanie.

“It was $20 well spent at 8 o’clock this morning,” the North Augusta man said.

The green knitted cap with the Masters logo, Masters blankets, newly-purchased windbreakers, long sleeves and scarves were a telling sign early Friday: Patrons were cold.

While Friday’s high of 65 – 8 degrees below average – was 2 degrees colder than Thursday, the sun provided welcome relief, at least until a breeze hit.

“That cloud cover yesterday, it was frigid,” Foreman said. “It seems OK now.”

Many patrons arrived prepared for chilly weather, or bought something at Augusta National Golf Club to stay warm.

“We’re not seeing any sundresses this year,” noted Foreman’s brother, Andy Foreman.

“I still see some folks in shorts, and I think, they don’t read the paper?” observed Buddy Whittington. “I’ve seen shorts, and I’ve seen North Face jackets.”

The group at No. 8 warmed itself in the sun ahead of the intermittent breeze.

“It will be still like this, then it will turn around and blow in your face like a madman,” Whittington said.

Dyron Knick, of Roanoke, Va., wore a wool cap and boots on his first day at Augusta National.

“I looked at the forecast and prepared,” he said. He and friend Doug Hyre scored Friday badges when Hyre’s father won them through the application process.

Fort Myers, Fla., dentist Markus Sherry sported a green Masters windbreaker, but it wasn’t new.

“I’ve had it about 20 years,” Sherry said. “It’s my warm jacket.”

Sherry watched players tee off at No. 1 after an overnight trip from southwest Florida to Augusta that he said took him 14 hours. Despite the sleepless night, “it’s pretty special,” he said.

Arriving at 8:30 a.m. in shorts, Danny Gil, of Miami, promptly purchased a black Masters windbreaker.

“I was cold,” Gil said. “I had one; it wasn’t thick enough. I liked this one, so I got this one.”

Gil, who also bought a blue-striped onesie for a son on the way, said he thoroughly enjoyed his first day at Augusta National, which included a visit to Berckmans Place.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this for a golf tournament,” he said. “It just seems like everything’s perfect in here. The elevations, how perfect the grass is, it’s kind of crazy.”

Friday is expected to be the coldest day of the Masters Tournament. Today’s expected high is 70 degrees, while Sunday is forecast as sunny and clear, with a high of 78.

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