Patron notes

Junior Patron Excitement: The tradition of the Junior Pass Program began in 2008, a year before Anne Calloway was born.

The Duluth, Ga., 8-year-old was one of hundreds of junior patrons given a free badge to Friday’s round. After entering, the third-grader was presented with a commemorative pin along with their junior patron ticket.

“This is so cool!” Anne exclaimed. “I hope I get to come back every year.”

This year’s junior patron pin is dedicated to the program’s 10th anniversary. The top of the round button states “Junior Patron” while the bottom says “10th Anniversary.” The Masters Tournament logo is in the center.

“To be honest, Anne probably wouldn’t be able to come if this program wasn’t offered,” said Tim Calloway, Anne’s father. “We’re so grateful the Augusta National allows this.”

According to Augusta National, fans age 8 to 16 can attend free on tournament days when accompanied by an accredited patron (the person whose name appears on the series badge application). There is a limit of one child per patron.


Feel The Breeze: Though some complained about the wind Friday at the Masters Tournament, David Prince said the weather has been the highlight of his visit.

The Augusta native now living in Omaha, Neb., called conditions mild and reminiscent of what American golfers face playing public golf courses.

“It’s good to see the professionals struggle like the amateurs do,” Prince said. “A tip of the hat to the Europeans, because this weather is kind of normal for the kind of conditions they play.”


Photo Opportunity: Lewis Borders waited in a short line Friday afternoon to have his photo taken at Founders Circle.

“Today’s our last day,” the Louisville, Ky., man said. “It’s necessary, because you can’t get your own pictures.”

Borders and a friend posed at the circle, a memorial to Augusta National Golf Club founders Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts, then received cards telling them how to retrieve the photo online.


Live And In Person: Tucker Edmunds, of Williamsburg, Va., gazed up No. 10 from the 17th hole.

“Pretty remarkable,” he said. “Looking up 10, you have no idea what it looks like on television.”

The phrase “a tradition unlike any other” comes to mind, and “it’s amazing how well-behaved the crowd is,” he said.